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Park pickup

Lori Velazquez was absolutely delightful to work with! She was so patient with me, excellent with communication, personable, and so kind. We didn’t know what sizes/prices the print I wanted would be available in - she went to the booth, messaged me with that info, and purchased the items I wanted! Once the package arrived I was astonished by how carefully it was assembled to ensure no damage. I would 100% recommend utilizing this park pickup service to anyone!

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Sheila Kathleen

LF Lounge Membership: VIP

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Jennifer Blanchard
VIP is great!!

I love getting a heads up on bags being released!! The discounts are great too when we can use them! Mike stays on top of things and does his best to help us when and where he can…… I couldn’t ask for more!

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Jessica Montoya
Best membership I've joined yet

I was skeptical at first. I joined and thus far have not been disappointed. Mike keeps everyone informed daily of anything coming soon. He takes the time to make lists of small shops to find bags from as well. It has been a joy to a part of this group.

Enjoying membership discounts/ alerts

i am glad the info on this group has gotten me multiply discounts AND alerts on bags I am looking for. Very personlized shopping experience for loungeflys and more

VIP is worth it


LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Antonia Altavilla

Love love love this membership always scoring on the best bags and the discounts are great !


At first I joined looking for only one bag and wanted the best chance at getting it. Now that I know all the extra perks of being a VIP, and being able to be part of a group that is kind and supportive, I definitely want to stay! Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication, it definitely shows and I hope more people join so they too can experience this amazing program!

Pixie Dusted✨

So excited to be a part of the VIP group as I order Disney items all the time! I’ve already saved enough in my purchases to cover probably 3 months of membership in the first week!


I am so happy I joined. VIP has been awesome! I love getting the news of new releases and discount codes. And I’ve even won a gorgeous bag from one of the giveaways! Totally worth the money!


I love this I got a bag I would of never got if I didn't join

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Jacqueline Striemer
Love it.

I love this membership. It’s nice to have a way to save money when I want certain bags plus the giveaways.

I love this site!

Since signing up for access to this site I have been very pleased. Timely notifications of available releases, opportunities to save money and drawings for free bags. I love it!

Love this membership!

I was kinda skeptical at first to get this membership but it’s been 100% worth it! Mike is right on top of letting us know all the details of stuff so I don’t feel like I’m “watching the clock” for releases and deals anymore. Well worth it!

Loved it

I loved being a VIP group member and the perks of being one.

Cons are:
I wish that if you paid to be a personal shopper that the VIP membership was included in the $100 price point as a perk or freebie- since they are the ones who goes to places to look for peoples wants. As a thank you
My next con is when you cancel a membership it would be unique to have a title of veteran of retired as a thank you for joining.


I loved eveything about being a VIP.

I loved the private VIP group that posted bags for sale that no one else got to see or at a discount rate
I loved the text messages of all the bag drops and I wished I had the pockets of Kim K herself to buy them all :(
I loved the Christmas bag drop that 99.9% chance of getting it that VIP membership gave you.

I will absolutely be a VIP again when I can

Worth it

I have been informed of several great deals thanks to the VIP program. The last deal was in regards to a shop's clearance....I was able to get a bag and a wallet for less than $45! Not to mention the weekly giveaways are great too.

Great investment

I’m really enjoying the great advance information that allows me early access to purchases I may want to make.

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Stephanie Faulkner-Puckett

Very satisfied and glad I did it


I've had my membership for a month and have already utilized all the perks, so worth it!

My favorite subscription!

Worth every penny. With all the exclusives coming out we get a link directly to the product 15 minutes before they drop. Every now and then we get discount codes to save some extra money! The giveaways in themselves are a great perk to being a part of VIP! My FAVORITE though is having access to FREE PICKUPS from any of the parks, Disney springs, and the character outlet through our amazing personal shoppers!


It's only been two weeks into my VIP membership and already I know I'll be a member for a looooong time!! The Disney Park pick-ups is fantastic, especially here close to the holidays. Items have been top quality and shipped super fast. I get daily, and sometimes HOURLY, updates on exclusive drops, sales, and things that may not be Loungefly but are sought-after in overlapping communities (like Starbucks cups, Disney items, etc). I’ve got my fingers crossed that one day I win one of the VIP giveaways!

LF Lounge Membership: VIP
Shannon Vinecke

LF Lounge Membership: VIP

Not bad at all!!

Helpful site….just haven’t had luck finding what I am looking for yet which is a bummer…

Just do it…

I have been able to snag the most incredible bags before sell out why and how? Because I would get a text l tying me know when, what time, and which shop had the bag I wanted WITH a discount code. Sign up. You won’t regret it!

Worth it!

I would definitely recommend others to purchase the VIP membership! Besides being one of the first to get notifications of LF drops, along with codes when available, the weekly giveaways make it a fun investment to your LF addiction!